Come Back Home

Today has been a hard one...and it's only 12:15. This morning at work, a teenage girl came in to my classroom crying because she used the morning after pill and doesn't think it worked. She already has 1 child, and now she thinks she is pregnant again. I told her to get on birth control in the future and gave her information on where you can go to get it for free.

When she left I was in a state of perplexity. Why? Why would she continue to do the things that have made her so unhappy in the past. Why do people continue to do anything that is harmful, guilt-inducing, or destructive?

Sometimes I struggle with being in an environment full of people that have made bad choices. But doesn't everyone deserve a chance? A chance to change their hearts. A chance to reunite their beliefs with their actions. Now if only they all wanted to...


Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

I have asked that same question. The only thing I can figure is that it's a mindset. The hardest thing to do is change the way someone views the world and themselves. Especially someone who has had little experience outside of poverty or the environment they are in. Until they can see other options and possibilities for themselves and really want that it's difficult to change. You have a very difficult, but meaningful and important job. Just remember even if you can only help one person that turns into hundreds over generations. Keep your chin up.

Sarah and Robbie said...

If only . . . :)