A little while ago, my friend Lauren had a birthday. I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said, with a childlike face, "I want to go to Gattiland."
What is Gattiland? Gattiland is a wonderful magical place. It is a pizza buffet with all the pizza, salad, and desserts you could ever want. But wait, there's more...it is also a game center with all the old arcade games you enjoyed as a kid, air hockey, skee ball, basketball, and much more.
Before we headed out for Gattiland, we had to say goodbye to Julie's son Jaxon. But he was much too busy caluclating the profit margins from this years earnings thus far...
He took a break for a second to greet us with a smiling face
And then, I think he got a little slap happy (he must have been working too many late hours lately).
Anyway, we headed out and had a great night. We ate way too much pizza and played games like we were 8 years old.


Kirsten said...

So glad to hear Nathan is home!!

One of these days, friend. One of these days, we will come out and visit you and have fun at these awesome places you keep finding.

One of these days, the Master Club reunites!!

Lauren Bingham said...

Thank you for my pizza party. It was everything I dreamed it'd be and more.