Does This Make You Want to Come Visit?

Recently we had the joy of spending a few days with some of our best friends, Clark and Amy from North Carolina. We had to show them around Austin, luckily we had beautiful weather.

First stop...

Then we headed to the Botanical Gardens in Austin

A quick stop for some yummy lunch...
Credit given to Lauren and James for showing us Top Notch

Then it was off to Mount Bonnell which offers one of the prettiest views of Austin I have seen to date:

After Mount Bonnell, we headed to the Capitol building. We walked around the inside (so beautiful, I must do a photo shoot there some time soon).

Then (on the lawn of the capitol) we broke out some board games that we got at the local used book store for 2 dollars
It was such a fun time! And I didn't even mention the amazing Indian food, movies (ahem...2012), outlet mall shopping, and Rock Band. Love you Clark and Amy!


Bart said...

Yes. This does make me want to visit. Was the Indian food Teji's? I miss that place SO MUCH.

Jennah said...

I can't wait to come and visit!!!

Clark said...

The Indian food was delicious. I believe the restaurant was called the clay pit, Bart. Dave and Jess, Amy and I had such a fun time and we rue the day we had to leave every minute we are not in Texas. But no hyperbole, you guys are the best. Come visit NC sometime soon. Hope Disneyland is awesome. Love you guys.