Remember when I wrote this post about Disneyland and promised to post pictures soon?  Well what does "soon" really mean?  A month, 2 months, 3?  It's all "soon" in the grand scheme of things right?

Really what took so long is that Dave and I made a slide show of all the photos for his mom's birthday, but now I have the pics right here ready to show you.  Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth.

Here we are on the first day.  A few things to notice. 
A. I really am skipping.
B. Dave is excited like a little kid.
C. We totally speed pass this little old lady to the right.

Photos from the first day:

Leaving the hotel.  We were like 3 blocks from Disney.

Grizzly Something Water Ride.  I almost lost this hat on one of the waterfalls.

 My all time favorite Disney ride, The Tower of Terror. 

I just love this picture. This was right after the Toy Story ride which is basically a huge video game.  We had fun competing for the most points but I was no match for the Shumway boys with their extensive video gaming background.  

Disneyland!! I love you.

This is when we were asked to be IN a parade.  It was basically the best part of our trip.  Hundreds of people waving at us, expecting candy except we had none to throw out.  But we waved a lot and smiled until our cheeks hurt.  We were asked to be in the parade because Dave's mom, sister, and grandma volunteered to hand sew school bags for children in need.  They are amazing women!

Everyone that was in the parade!  Why am I standing by the parade guy and not Dave?

Bug's Life 3D (you can see my volunteer pin, pretty special)

This ride was scary cool, The Maliboomer.  It felt like you were going to fall out when you're at the top.

Dave's feet on the far right. :)

Day Two!
Waiting in line for Space Mountain! 

Pretty much Dave's favorite ride in the world.  

Such a fun ride! Roller coasters in the dark = coolness.

Outside Indiana Jones

A nice little old man Disney worker let us cut in line and go again.  Love it!
The Matterhorn behind Dave


We had a fun lunch at this cute little restaurant.

We even got to meet head chef Oscar who has worked for Disney for 54 years!  He gave us his top secret potato soup recipe. :)
 California Screamin gets the best roller coaster award.  Loved this ride!

Favorite Rides:
1. Tower of Terror
2. Space Mountain
3. California Screamin
4. Soarin over California
5. The Maliboomer
6. Indiana Jones

And now that I have done this post, I want to go back already!


Janssen said...

I LOVE Disneyland! What a fun trip.

Amy and Clark said...

Let's all go together sometime! Too much fun!