Childhood Fear

Remember when I posted this cute little post about the beauty and newness of life:

Well I lied.  Life is harsh (ok it's beautiful most of the time, but it's harsh a lot too).  The mama bird ended up killing all her baby eggs!  Brief flashback to my horrific hamster experience where the mama hamster ate one of her babies.  I just came home from school and found that Chip had eaten baby Chip #1 (I hadn't picked out baby names yet).
So what's the point of all this?  Ethan and Jane aren't getting pets.  Too much weird stuff happens among animals that we cannot be privy to.  I know they'll beg, but I'll be prepared.  And why am I so prepared?  Because I was the number 1 pet begger when I was a child and I knew all the tricks:

I'll take care of her, a bunny would be so fun.
I don't think another dog would be too much for me to handle.
I could always use another kitty to help me learn some responsibility.
I just feel like I need a hamster in my room to keep me company.

Yep, I tried it all.  So I'm prepared for...nothing.  And in fact, I'm almost willing to bet we'll end up with a golden retriever one day.  Here's hoping she doesn't eat her young.


Stacie Aho said...

Ahhhahaha. Seriously though, I know there's some sort of scientific/survival of the fittest kind of explanation for this, but it's just sick and wrong. Ugh. (not your not wanting pets idea, the momma killing their babies... so mortifying).

jkhoek said...

ha! that picture is awesome.

martin said...

that is a really funny picture. but yes, please ornithologists please explain!!!!!!