Ch Ch Ch Changes...

I took some pictures of Jane and Ethan so I could remember how much they've grown in 6 months.  Look at how they've changed!
Ethan, 6 weeks old, getting a bath from my mom

Ethan 6 months old

Jane at 3 weeks old relaxing on the couch

Jane 6 months old

Ethan 1 week old

Ethan 6 months old

How have their personalities changed?

When Ethan was first born, he was:
Wanting to be held all the time
Wanting to fall asleep on you

Now Ethan is:
The happiest, giggliest baby I have ever seen.
Smiles at the mention of his name.  When you count to three, he's giggling by the time you say "1."
Started saying "Dadadada" in a really low voice yesterday.  It was his first time saying a repeating syllable.
Squeals in a high pitched voice when he doesn't think anyone is listening.
Substantially chunky and deliciously rolly.
Cries when being put down for nap until he is FAR past tired.  Then crashes.

When Jane was first born, she was:
Good sleeper (besides the sleep screams)
An easy smiler

Now Jane is:
The cutest smiler - she has a wide open mouth smile that cannot get any bigger.
A little hesitant to go to strangers.
Screams to herself in a happy way when she's playing (which often scares Ethan).
Crinkles up her nose and snorts when she's unhappy with what is going on (getting her arms pulled through a onesie).
Has a cute little cackle laugh but only let's it out a couple times a day.
Talks to her stuffed animals as she's falling asleep.

They will be 7 months tomorrow, hard to believe.  Time is flying by and they are changing so quickly!


Bryan&Kendall LeDuc said...

Jess they are getting so big. what a cute way to show the differences!! i love it...and i love you :) wheres your hand? they are sooo cute!!!!!

n,mdn said...

This is BY FAR my favorite blog you've ever done! I can't believe the difference in Ethan! He's SO stink in' precious! Love "bofe my favorites!"

-Aunt Teppy

Sarah Culp said...

They are so precious... SO precious.