October (still catching up here...)

October was really good and really baaaad.  Because Dave had mono.  A lot of it.  Mono all over the place...

So we had visitors!  Both of our moms graciously came to help at different times - I don't think I could have successfully completed the month of October without them (did that sound a little formal?  I think the month of October might have driven me a little crazy).

And to the pictures!!

First my parents stopped by to watch General Conference with us and let Dave sleep for a few nights
Those thighs are glorious 

E just woke up and is cuddling my mom 

My dad trying out our new grill (Dave's birthday present) 

My mom brought Janey a new dress, she felt really fancy in it!

And then Janey was given a sippy cup and she was entertained for hours (not really that long...that would be nice though).

Meanwhile, E was jumpin' his heart out

Until we gave him a mum mum (a rice disc treat - he loves them, but they are messy) and a sippy cup

Snuggles form a tired girl 

Must be related 

A rare kiss from E.  He's only given me 2 kisses, so he really must love my mom. :) 

I love Ethan's post bath curls. :)

Love that belly 

And those big dark eyes 

My Sweet Sweet Boy 

Best Kisses Ever 

Well all of our help was gone, and Dave still had a case of the monos, so we called in further assistance. Dave's mom, Pattie, dropped everything and flew out to Austin to care for her grandkids around the clock. 

Jane was happy to see her Grandma.  Ethan woke up from all the giggling and was confused for a second, but didn't take long before he was snuggling and playing with her.

Ethan loves to watch videos or see pictures of himself on Dave's iPhone

Watching football with dad

We were so grateful that Pattie came and helped us!  Dave was able to recover because he was able to sleep, thanks to both of our moms helping. 

Pattie brought Dave's old Alvin toy (from when he was a baby) for Ethan to play with and he clung to it right away

My laundry friend

Cutie Bootie

New toy from my mom, a walker!

Her feet and hands are always twirling and moving.  Especially when she's excited. :)


Captured Memories Photography said...

oh my goodness!! there is an insane amount of cute pictures on here!! the one of jane and your dad both laughing is the cutest picture ever

I love them all, and I love your babies, they are so cute!!

Captured Memories Photography said...

oh shoot, sorry. I was signed in under the wrong blog

Amy said...

Jess, those pictures are so adorable. I can't get over Jane and Ethan's little rolls.
I'm sorry that Dave had mono, but I'm glad that you both made it through. Hopefully we can come see you one of these weekends!

Jonathan said...

I miss you guys so much already!

Kendall Watkins said...

Wow they are already drinking from sippy cups? That is impressive. Halle still just bites it and has no idea what to do. I'm glad Dave is all better and you had some help. Your kids are adorable!

Bryan and Kendall LeDuc said...

That picture with Ethan laughing with your dad is priceless!!! I actually laughed when I saw it because it was so cute. And the kisses your little one's give you....you are so lucky. Bryce just bites us whenever we try to kiss him or put our cheeks up to him...little brat hahahahaha jess they are getting so big and more beautiful everyday. I wish I could see them all the time! Update your blog more so that you can keep me entertained :) Love and miss you, skype date soon!

Stacie Aho said...

I miss those babies and their sweet faces!!! I need to see them (and YOU) this week. Pronto... are you feeling better btw???