Happy Father's Day

It's Dave's second Father's Day.  Last year, the babies were only 4 months on Father's Day, so they showed him how much they loved him with spit up and blow outs.  Now they show it by touching his plasma TV with their cheese hands.

They also show it in sweet ways, like this morning when I got Jane up and put her down on the rug in the family room, she yelled, "Daaaaaad!"  Guess she knew it was his day and she wanted to say hi.

He also got multiple bear hugs from them and some kisses, so that's pretty great too. :)

All the words from that post a year ago are still true.  But there are new dimensions to his fatherhood today.  He is patient, loving, and kind - more than me most times.  He inspires me to be a better parent.


Stacie Aho said...

Oh. my. goodness. What a darling post! Happy Father's day to Dave. :) I miss those babies so much. Will they remember me?! :(

Meagan said...

So cute! Happy Father's day!

jkhoek said...

I love them! And that is the cutest idea ever!