The Rest of February (yes that's 4 months ago)

Even though I have so much to write about my two 15 month old babies, I can't ignore the rest of February (and March, April, May).  Especially since we were lucky to have our good friends Clark and Amy here for a visit.  Amy and I put together a Valentines morning feast.

The babies got some new books for their Valentine's Day present.

Ethan and his new buddy Emmett 

Getting ready to go to dinner, feeling fancy wearing shoes!

They were definitely the 3 cutest babies at church that day. :) 

I'm seeing a betrothal here.

Clark singing to Ethan, teaching him how to play the guitar 


My pretty lady 

 Love that smile

Opening the drawer... 

Feeling so grown up 

My handsome-ness 

Such a happy guy, his smile spreads from cheek to cheek. :) 

When Jane wants to move somewhere, but doesn't want to risk her toy getting stolen, she finds a way to take it with her:

Silly Girl 

Racing each other to get to me {or the camera}

Then my parents came in to town for the babies birthday celebration.  To see photos of their party, click here: Jane and Ethan are One!!

Then on their actual birthday, the real cupcake mess began...


 The Bath After the Mess:


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Mark Allen said...

So stinkin' cute. But there aren't enough photos here.