April - 14 Month Old Babies

It's fun to look back on these photos and see how Jane still crawled, Ethan sat still and played, and they had even more baby fat on their little faces than they do now.

Here are photos from the month of April, the babies were 14 months old here:

My parents and sister Stephanie came in to town and the babies were spoiled the whole time. :) 

There is also snorting (and a scrunched up nose) involved.

My friend Jessica's daughter came over to play, Ethan is checking her out, making sure she's ok.

Sharing with Chloe

For General Conference, we built a tent and set up some toys and books to try and keep the babies busy during the talks.

Flowers from my backyard rose bush.

Ethan cuddling with his friend Amelia from church

I love when she sits like this, such a little girl thing to do. :)

We were lucky enough to have Dave's brothers Jonathan and Bryan come by for a visit.  This was our breakfast feast! 

One random night in April we got to have my Dad stay with us for a night, he was in Austin for work for 24 hours only.  We might not have all the amenities of a hotel (and you might get woken up by a crying baby in the night), but we are glad he stayed with us instead!

One day Jane was in such a delirious/silly mood.  She was scrunching her face up in all sorts of weird ways.  We didn't know what prompted it, but she thought it was hilarious.  She's never done it since.


Meagan said...

So adorable! I need to see these two again soon :)

jkhoek said...

I love you guys! I find myself oohing and aahing and cracking up at those cute kiddos! And...your house gets the BEST light! I love your pictures!