March - Random Meet Up with My Dad

A benefit of my dad working in Houston a lot is that we get to meet up with him at random mexican restaurants in little towns in between Houston and Austin.  One day in March, my dad called and said, "I'm in Houston and don't have dinner plans, want to meet?" So we all jumped in the car...ya right!  It took like an hour to get in the car and there was no jumping!

4:00 - "Hey it's dad, want to meet?"
4:01- "Sure! We'll leave in 15 minutes!"

2 diaper changes
new outfits with less food product on them
pack the diaper back with dinner food for the babies
1 kid has a poopy diaper - change diaper again, put outfit back on
load the car with bedtime stuff since we will be driving home around bedtime
load up both babies - something smells - the other kid is poopy
change diaper and put outfit back on
all 4 are in the car - oh crap forgot their milk
get milk, put it in cooler so it doesn't spoil
pull out of the driveway - WAIT go back we forgot shoes
---debate on whether or not they'll need shoes concluding with that they probably will---
drive back to the house and get shoes

5:00 - on the road :)
6:15 - meet my dad and eat yummy food followed by a jaunt around the park

It was all worth it. :)

When Jane was learning to walk, she did the cutest thing where she would take a big huge step with her right leg and then a tiny shuffle step with her left leg.  She walked like this all the time for the first month of her learning to walk.  It was so cute.  We called it big step little step.  

Driving Home

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