There is Beauty All Around

My mother is a woman full of wisdom. She used to tell me to look for one good thing in every day. She would especially emphasize this when I was having a hard time with school, work, friends, or all of the above (welcome to being a teenager).

Last Thursday, as I was driving to work, I was already having a bad day...I decided that I better start looking for my "one good thing" early on. So I put on "Happiness" by the Weepies and starting looking around as I drove to work.

When you are looking for good things, they are easy to find. Within the 10 minute drive to work, I saw a sunrise, a man playing fetch with his dog, a dad and his little boy taking a morning stroll, and a woman watering some vibrant spring tulips.

My mom, being the genius lady that she is, was right. I try to keep this perspective. Some days are easier than others, but it's always better than looking for the alternative...because you are sure to find that as well.

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Holly said...

Beautiful. You are inspiring.