Adventures in Housesitting

What a treat, it's a guest post by my hubs Dave!

After living for the last three years in various apartments (and hotel rooms!), we've often wondered what it will feel like to live in a house someday. So when one of my co-workers asked if we wanted to stay at their place and watch their pets while they went on vacation over Spring Break, we jumped at the chance. Ok, I jumped at the chance. Jessica had a slightly more realistic view of what was likely to happen, but for a little extra walking around money and license to eat anything in the house we could find, I agreed.

Hi this is Jessica now. Dave went upstairs to make popcorn (it is kinda fun to live in a place with an upstairs). So, the dog we are taking care of is named Stella (and yes she's got her groove back). She is cute and fun. A lot of work...but cute and fun. Now the cat, Figaro, is another story. He never stops meowing. And when he is meowing, it sounds more like a mechanical robot that is dying because it is running out of batteries (mmmeeeeeeoooooww).

Dave and I are going to be glad when it is just us 2 again, even if that means we don't have an upstairs.

 Check out icanhascheezburger.com if you are in a silly mood. Thanks to Layton Shumway for discovering this website.

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Josh & Kenna said...

Um, have you see icanhazahotdog? When I get bored at work these webistes keep me oh so entertained. By the way, I'm oh so glad you are blogging! I love blogs and others blogs...you will seriously find it is insanely addicting...