One Day

That's the amount of time that I could keep a secret from Dave. I am taking him on a vacation for his graduation present, and I said that I would give him 1 clue a day until we leave (May 17). I bought the plane tickets this morning and let's just say...he already knows where we're going.

The only clue I gave him was...pack sunscreen.

I had some good clues up my sleeve though. I was going to say, pack short sleeve shirts only, bring your passport, buy a spanish dictionary (that one would have to be toward the end).

Anyway...he comes to bring me lunch at work today and I ran outside to meet him and said I couldn't wait any longer! So I had him sit down at my work computer and I had images up on the screen of Cancun!

Beautiful Cancun...see you in 32 days!


Audra and Justin said...

Yay!!! You two deserve a vacation!! Have Fun!!!

Anna May said...

oh man that sounds AWESOME! Yes, you are suppose to list 7 things you love, then award someone else :)

Amy & Clark said...

Can Clark and I crash your party?! That looks like a dream! So fun and a much deserved celebration! I just hope you can wait the 32 days...

PS--we're still waiting for a celebration that brings you to NC for a visit! :)