Our Dangerous Experience Involving a Homeless Man and Cops

Yesterday, my sister LeAnne and I were in Denver taking some senior pictures at the Civic Monument downtown. We noticed a few homeless people hanging around the area, but didn't really think anything of it. Toward the end of the shoot, a very large homeless man was walking toward us saying, "Girls, I need to talk to you...come here Dang-it!" Slurred speech and everything.

I just grabbed LeAnne's arm and said, "We need to go now." We started walking away from him, and he followed us, yelling the same "I need to talk to you" bit. Throw in a few profanities and add the fact that he was gaining on us, and you get 2 girls who are scared but ready to kick some drunk homeless guy butt if needed.

We were almost to our car by this time, so we just booked it and got inside. We locked the doors and turned around to see where he was. Just then 2 Denver police officers came running from across the field, they tackled and handcuffed him. They went through his bag and poured out all his alcohol. He was in trouble for something...not quite sure what because we didn't stay around much longer.

So that is my story about yesterday. It was quite interesting. Also, LeAnne's senior photo shoot went really good! I will post some photos from it soon!


Bob Caswell said...

Well, just have to say that your title had me reading your post faster than I've read any of your other posts... :-)

Crazy story!

Thoming said...

That's way scarier than my last run-in with the homeless. When I was a senior in high school, I was with some friends on Pearl Street in Boulder, and this old black homeless guy proposed to me.

I thought it was sweet.

Yours is just...yeesh. Good times. :)

The Steoger Fam said...

Um...I live in Detroit. Isn't that supposed to happen to me and not you?

Jennah said...

Kendall was a day early on her April Fools joke on you...she's not that bright!

Amy & Clark said...

Wow! I am behind on my blog-reading. What an experience! I'm sure glad you got away with only some slight emotional scarring and not anything else! Crazy!