Spending the Weekend with Kate and Ian

Meet Kate and Ian. They are Dave's cousins that live down in Colorado Springs. Kate is 2.5 years old and Ian is 9 months. A few weekends ago, Dave, LeAnne, and myself babysat these two cuties for 4 days. They were angels! How many kids do you know that actually remind you of bedtime. :) Dave's aunt and uncle went to NY for a business trip, and we jumped at the chance to stay in a big house and hang out with these guys!


luke and briton alo said...

Such cute pics! I need you to live by me so I can stop taking my kids to Wal-Mart for their photos...seriously.

Lance and Jessica said...

love the pic 4th from the top. That is one adorable baby pic. Look at those piercing blue eyes!

Bob Caswell said...

So do you have some tips for taking pictures? How do you do that studio look of focusing on the subject and blurring out the background? What camera do you use? Pretty cool, I wish I had your skillz.