Friday Night Fun

Last night was date night which means going out to eat (this time it was Logan's Roadhouse...oh dinner rolls how we love you) followed by a Red Box rental (or two). We usually bring the air mattress out to the living room and settle in for movie night.

Thoughts on X-Men Origins...not as bad as everyone said.

Could be because it had Riggins from Friday Night Lights as Gambit. That helped.

Anyway, the movie wasn't that bad. I liked it even.

The evening was followed by Dave playing a little Call of Duty while I played songs from the late 90s on his laptop. We rediscovered our love for 2pac's Changes and had a nice trip down memory lane. What's your favorite song from the 90s?

Speaking of the 90s...anyone recognize this girl?

You know you're jealous of my outfit. :)


luke and briton alo said...

Ummmm, I'm jealous of Brandon's outfit. And his neon backpack.

A few weeks ago, my spin class teacher played Salt N' Peppa during class. Wow, I couldn't stop laughing at how rediculous it was. And yeah, I was the only one laughing and everyone thought I was nuts.

Lauren Bingham said...

More like jealous of the hair. Is that a crimper?