Gardening Like a Real Grown Up

I don't know why, but when I do things like buy furniture, organize my closet out of sheer free will, or plant flowers, I feel like a real grown up.

Yesterday Dave and I took 2 car loads of boxes and bins to our friend's house that live in our apartment complex. They are letting us store our junk in their garage (thanks James and Allison)! So guess what that means. We have a patio! Never had one before. Always wanted one.

This patio was bare and it needed some life. So we put our favorite antique table and chairs out there and Dave so graciously walked around Lowes with me for 30 (he would say 45, but what do men know about time...ha...ha...) minutes to pick out flowers.

Project of the day, COMPLETE!

This table and chairs belonged to Dave's great grandma

That's all for tonight kids, I am off to Dallas tomorrow to chill with an old friend (Jessica squared reunites)! Galleria mall...here we come. :)

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