It Reminded me of My Childhood...sort of

Camping always reminds me of the trips we would take as a family when I was a kid. My dad & brother loved camping. The girls loved smores. We would sit around the fire cooking our smores and retire to bed early. The next morning we would go fishing while my mom made breakfast. Stephanie and I would always go exploring, trying to find a hidden treasure that someone left behind.

We went camping again (probably for the first time in 12 years for me) this last weekend. We went to Pace Bend park in Austin with some friends. It was a little different this time. I got to stay up a lot later than I did when I was a kid, I had a really hot guy with me, and I played with lighter fluid.

the girls
the guys

It was powerful

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Jessica said...

Love it!! That looks like so much fun! We should do that when you come down for Christmas... wait it is 25 degrees here. Nevermind.

Love you Lady!