Road Trip Baby!!

So once there were 2 girls who took a road trip. One girl has a blog and didn't blog about it until over a month later...

Back in October, my friend Lauren (from Austin) and I set out for Oklahoma. I had a photo shoot in my hometown of Owasso (with some pretty wonderful people by the way). Here is a sampling of the session.

Anyway back to the road trip. We had to stop at this cute little Czech bakery that Lauren knew about. We got a bunch of something that rhymes with goulashes.

Still watching the road...

That's Lauren enjoying a cream horn

The drive out went super fast due to the amazing mix of 90s jams we put together.

When we got to Owasso, the first order of business was to eat at Mexico Lindo. Mmmm....white queso.

My brother Brandon and my nephew Isaac

My nephew Alex (3 years old). I am not kidding you when I say that he did this little pose all on his own! I said, "Alex you ready for your close up?" And off went the hand under the chin. Napoleon Dynamite anyone?

Only Alex looked cute when he did it. Not like an old stalker weirdo.

The next morning we took a trip to the Amish Bakery for some delicious homemade jams, rolls, and pies

I don't know why, but I love this photo. Alex is walking away...Isaac is blinking and has his fake smile plastered on. It's a keeper.

After the bakery, we met up with my brother and had a picnic.

My brother Brandon and Alex.

Me and Isaac making faces at you

Listen, it was called FUNTASTIC ISLAND. We had to do something appropriate for the situation!

Later that day, the boys ran around in the backyard. This is one of the reasons my parents wanted to buy a place with a lot of land. To let their children (and grandchildren) run free. And then they'll be really tired and go to sleep.

Playing nicely.

Uh oh...getting rough

He's going down, but will Isaac stop to help him?

See ya. This photo is actually really sad. He's just laying there, longingly looking at Isaac while our dog Winston observes the situation.

Then he lost his shoe while running and it was a major upset!

Fixing the tractor

We had a great time. It was so fun to be out there and see everyone. Dave and I are going back for Christmas. We will see what adventures await us!

Next post...Thanksgiving! (so I'm a little behind)


Janssen said...

Beautiful pictures. And WOW those pastries look amazing.

Jessica said...

Owasso is always a par-teh!! Can't wait 'till you get here again!!!

Lauren Bingham said...

I know I'm just now commenting on this, but if you can be a month late with your post, i can be a month late with my comment ; )

Thanks for making me blog famous and for taking me with you. SOOOOO fun! Who knew parts of Oklahoma aren't a complete dump!