Remember When it was Thanksgiving?

Remember that holiday back in November? Well I need to tell you about it because Dave and I celebrated and it was fantastic. We went to Dallas to visit a cousin of mine and her family. After the 7 (yes 7) hours that it took to get there, we partied hard the whole weekend. It was a blast!

The best turkey I have ever eaten. Seriously brined turkey is the best!

My cousin Heather and her daughter Evelyn with their dog Burns (labradoodle)

We were proud of that turkey!

The guys played Call of Duty on the 100 inch screen

Evelyn is learning how to make homemade dinner rolls. Dave is quite the helper.



D. Shums

Their other dog, a schnauzer! His name is Haagen-dog.

Next post...Christmas! :)

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Jennah said...

I love your hair in these pictures!