Welcome Home

We got back into town last night from our Christmas vacation. We got to spend a week with my family in Oklahoma and a few days with Dave's family in Provo.

Now we are home. Christmas is put away, the third load of laundry is in the dryer...it's 4:13pm and I haven't showered yet. Getting caught up from being gone is exhausting. But it's really good to be here.

Coming Soon:
Look forward to a nice long post with tons of photos from the Christmas break!

On a completely unrelated note, this is my favorite snack right now:


Jana Thies said...

That looks like a good snack...I'll have to try it some time. :)

Cory and Lindsey said...

Cory and I...but especially Cory LOVES loves LOVES those pretzels. Good choice for a favorite snack...though you can never stop eating them.

Jessica said...

I love reading your blog. You make me smile!!!!

By the way, did you know you inspired me to keep a blog? I started it a few months ago... didn't know if you had heard about it our not. :) Check it out, Lady!
www.thejohnfamilyforever.blogspot.com. See you there! And I can't WAIT to see/read your post on your Christmas vacation. It was so awesome seeing ya'all again! Though I didn't see enough of ya!

Amy and Clark said...

Ditto on the exhausting job it is to transition back to normal life. It's been a week and the house still looks like a disaster. Half of Christmas is still up, half of our bags our unpacked and the house in general is quite unseemly. The other night we ate dinner standing up or sitting on the floor because there was so much junk all over our table!