Apples and Plane Tickets

Fall is here, which means (in Texas) that it's only 80 degrees right now instead of 98.  But MAN does it feel good.  The other day I panicked a little trying to find a zip up jacket to take to work with me and then I realized...I am acclimated.

One of my favorite parts of fall is Honeycrisp apples.  Have you guys tried these bad boys?  They are so crispy, delicious, and of course (in Texas) the size of a softball.

Another wonderful thing about fall, Thanksgiving is coming.  Dave and I were worried we wouldn't be able to go to Utah to see his family this year because of a. me being prego and the doc saying no to flying and/or b. the plane tickets being astronomical for Thanksgiving travel.

Well, turns out I can fly just fine until around Christmas time (thankfully my parents are within driving distance for Christmas travel) and we ended up getting tickets Tuesday night - Friday night to avoid the expensive and busy travel days.

So with the vacation tickets bought, the apples eaten, and the belly growing too large to fit my previous fall/winter clothes, I think it's time to go shopping!


Holly and Brad said...

Hi Jessica! Okay, so that thing you saw hanging from the table is actually a diaper changing pad. It folds up for your diaper pad. I can make blankets though ;)

Audra and Justin said...

Yum! I love Honeycrisp apples. I just made an apple pie with them the other night! Try and find the SweeTango variety...it's a hybrid of the Honeycrisp. Usually Whole Foods or Fresh Market will have them.

Alycia said...

Those honeycrisps are delicious! We'll have to meet up with you guys when you are in Utah.

Julie Allen said...

So excited that you guys were able to get tickets! And I just recently discovered honeycrisp apples myself:)

Erin said...

We LOVE honeycrips!!! Best.Apples.Ever

Ryan and Melissa said...

So happy all is going well with the little ones! Keep eating them applies!