The Forgotten Vacation: Port Aransas

Over Labor Day weekend, Dave and I decided that we needed to visit a Texas beach.  I grew up going to Galveston with my family, but Dave had never experienced the brown sand, brown water beauty that Texas has to offer.  Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised. The trip turned out to be really fun and the beach wasn't that bad.  Right? Ha ha (I miss Cancun). <---click link for photos.

We drove down to Port Aransas (right by Corpus Christi) and stayed the night in a cute little plantation style hotel with a free breakfast the next morning (Dave's number 1 must have criteria for a hotel is a free breakfast).

After hanging out on the beach for a while, we had a competition to see who could find the ugliest shell.  Here is the line up:
I think #1 won for its pure lack of aesthetic beauty.

"...and so, Dave threw all the uglies back into the sea to give them hopes of finding someone to truly love them one day...The End." 

 On the way home the next day, we found a new gas station that we love which sells 64 ounce drinks!  That's a huuuuge cup!  Dave probably only drank half of it because by that time the rest is watered down from the ice.  But we still have the cup just for memories and the occasional refill of diet sodas.

The End (for real this time)

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daveyshums said...

hmmm, some unflattering pictures of me in there...

i may need editorial approval of these blog posts from now on...