Conference Weekend with my Parents!

General Conference weekend is probably one of my favorite weekends out of the year.  It's a time when family gets together, cooks delicious food, stays in their pjs, and watches inspired messages from leaders of our church. 

This weekend my parents came into town and watched the conference sessions with us.  We also fit in some shopping, cooking, eating out, and house projects while they were here. :)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Menu:
Scrambled Cheese Eggs
Hickory Smoked Bacon
Carmel Bundt Rolls (Dave's Specialty)
Fresh Fruit
OJ and Pomegranate Juice

Late Saturday afternoon we headed out to Rudy's BBQ for some yummy food.  Afterwards, my mom and I went maternity clothes/baby clothes shopping while Dave and my dad put up a white subway tile back splash in the kitchen (pictures to come when I show you the final reveal of the remodeled kitchen).

 Post Shopping Faces (The back seat was pretty stuffed with stuff!)

Later Saturday night, my mom and I gardened while the guys headed off to the priesthood session of conference at the church.  We planted some beautiful marigolds and these leafy plants that looks very autumn-y to me:

We went out to HEB (shout out to the best grocery store EVER) and got some essentials for Sunday night's dinner.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day, my dad cooked his famous pot roast and gravy:
Hand picked "weeds" from a bush out front.  I almost threw these away but I thought it made a nice little centerpiece for the table.

It was such a nice weekend, made it really hard to get up on Monday morning to go back to work! 
Thanks for coming, love you guys!


Barbara said...

We had such a wonderful time with both of you!! Your home will truly be designer quality when complete! The food was great but the company exceptional. Can't wait for the twins to arrive!:)

Kirsten said...

what a divine weekend! love that Aunt B and Uncle Kev!! :)

Lauren Bingham said...

I don't see the jello course...

Deena ♥ Curtis said...

Ahhhh I miss you guys so much!!!! You all look great!!! Your Dad has done a wonderful job with his weight loss.. he looks fabulous!!! So happy for all of you!!!

Josh said...

Your blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kinda wish we could've joined you for your conference celebration! (And Dave's caramel roll thing looks pretty amazing--next time we hang, I'm putting in a request.)