Backyard Bliss

This is the time of year that I really love living in Texas.  June, July, and August (also maybe May and September) are not my favorite months here.  Simply put, they are just too hot for me.  I don't enjoy burning myself on the metal part of the seat belt, sweating my make up off AS I am putting it on, or going outside to water my plants at 10:00pm and it is still 100 degrees.

But October - April...love it here.  I love the sunny, windy days where a jacket is optional.  Now mind you, it does get down to 30 somethings here at night right now.  The other day I found myself running to my car because I was so cold and then I saw on a bank marquee that it was 52 degrees.  I guess I have acclimated.

My Backyard at Sunset:


Kirsten said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person.

P.S. Just ordered the lens. Next week we're getting the CF card. :)

Ashley said...

UM, let's talk about how I need just a smidgen of your talent please. Is that asking a whole lot?

BEAUTIFUL pics - and I can't agree more about the weather here.