Thanksgiving Morning it was 9 degrees!

Thanksgiving in Utah was a whirlwind of fun times, cold weather, family, food, movies, and games.  Just the way I like my holidays.
First stop the morning after we got there was Magleby's Fresh for the french toast:
          Dave and me with his 3 brothers (left to right: Jonathan, Bryan, and Layton) 

Jonathan enjoying his french toast and hot chocolate 

                            Dave's dad and mom - Matt and Pattie

The next day was Thanksgiving and we headed to Dave's grandma and grandpa's house for the meal of a lifetime.

We had a word search race...Bryan won but just so you know I was ahead most of the time.  I choked at the end on "Thankful."

Thanksgiving was delicious, thank you to all who prepared it and wouldn't let me help with the cooking or the clean up! 

Friday Pattie and I went shopping for fabric for baby quilts!  We picked out some adorable stuff and here I am intently trying to decide where to place different squares.  Very serious business.

By the way, see the "Congratulations David" sign in the background?  It's because he finished his thesis for his Masters program at the University of Colorado.  I will do another post on that later because it deserves its own!


t & e said...

Jess, you are seriously so cute. I LOVE your little belly. I realized I haven't seen you in forever, so maybe we should hook up one of these days. Glad you guys had a great time and could come back to some great warmer weather. ps. the outfit in Mya's picture is from Julie so you'll have to ask her where she got it!

The Zangs said...

Fun, fun! Okay this post made me sooo hungry! I love all the pics :) Glad you got to go be with fam for the holiday.