The Babes at 35 weeks

Look at this little profile.  He always has his hand up to his mouth!  Little cutie.

And check out this little face.  I think she might have chubby cheeks! I love that little hand up to her face.
 I went to the doctor this last Wednesday and she said I was measuring 43 weeks if I had one baby.  OUCH!  That explains the:


So what does that mean?  I will measure 46 weeks when they come?  Uhh...crazy.  Speaking of that, she said she thought I would make it all the way to 38 weeks.  It would be wonderful for the babies and awfully painful for me - BUT I only have 1 more week of work, so I might be able to do it after all.

I am so happy these babies are doing ok.  Baby girl weighed in at 5 pounds 3 ounces and baby boy is 5 pounds even.  We're hoping they will each gain 1 more pound before they arrive.  Then I will definitely be ready to be DONE with over 12 pounds of baby in here.

When Dave and I found out we were having twins, it was a mix of emotions.  First thought was oh my gosh!  2 little babies!  What a blessing!  Then Dave stayed on that positive thought and my mind went somewhere else.  Sometime like --- how am I going to ever leave the house/sleep again?  Dave was my rock during this time when I was so nervous.  He always says it's our family, we'll make it work.

I couldn't do this without him.  Especially because he is such a pro at rolling me over and pulling me up off the couch, bed, floor, etc (no seriously people...I have NO ab muscles left at all).

We always pray that the babies will make it full term and be at least 6 pounds.  It's looking like it just might happen. :)


rclark said...

Awwww chubby cheeks!!! I love it. I can't believe you are still working. I hope your last week goes well. Hang in there. It is so wonderful to have a sweet husband!

Laryssa said...

Beautiful Babies! Hang in there, uncomfortable as it is. I can't imagine 2 babies inside. I keep picturing myself as a walrus with just the one baby. YOU look GREAT though! I love hearing the comments people make about your size! People are ridiculous, you really do look great so I hope you just laugh at them like I do. Full term too, what wonderful news!

Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

I hope they do make it to 6 lbs and 38 weeks....at least to super healthy and strong. But I can imagine how sick of being pregnant you must be. Good luck.....and you may feel like you will never leave the house once they come, but just give yourself till your postpardum is over before you freak out. (I'm telling myself this very thing right now!)

Bruce and Liss said...

Those little babes look so stinkin'
cute! I'm so excited for you!!!!
It's getting sooo close!
You're going to make one fabulous Mommy of TWO!
You're A-Mazing!