Blankets of Beauty

I got a special package in the mail for my birthday from Dave's mom.  She finished making these beautiful hand sewn quilts for Le Bebes!  We picked out the fabric over Thanksgiving and I love love love how they turned out.  So beautiful. 

All I'm saying is she should start up an Etsy store right?  Who wouldn't be interested in buying one of these beauties?  Thank you Pattie!! :)

Can't wait to wrap our little ones up in these.  They will be cherished for years to come.


Kirsten said...

Beautiful! She's amazing!! Is there a way to spit-up-proof them?

Julie Rowse said...

You do have a pretty sweet and very talented mother-in-law. I'm glad she's my aunt! Good luck with the last few weeks.

Mo and Mel said...

Gorgeous! Great job picking out the colors and prints - I love them. Your mother-in-law is super talented! I agree on the Etsy shop:)

Laryssa said...

I will buy one. Beautiful!