You Huge

Sunday afternoon is probably one of my favorite times.  Especially if it's 60 something degrees and sunny outside like it was here in Austin (loving February in Austin).  We opened the doors and windows and made waffles with fruit and syrup.

Ok so this next photo contains a sneak peak of the remodeled kitchen, which some of you know was one of the biggest tasks we did to the house (next to the wood floor - that was the BIGGEST task of them all).  I will post some more before and after photos in the near future. 
The beautiful sight I am referring to is the cute husband making waffles, but the kitchen is a beautiful sight too.  Even if there are dishes in the sink and baby stuff lining the counter tops.

I just cut this little stem from one of my bushes in the front yard and put it in a vase I got for 3 bucks at the West Elm outlet.  It makes me happy to look at it. :)

One of my wonderful friends brought dinner to us a few weeks ago when Dave had the flu and she also brought tulips to cheer us up!  They were such a beautiful color I had to take some pictures.

By the way, wondering if waffles have been a topic on this blog before?  Oh yes they have, along with more Sunday afternoon love:

I will leave you with a funny story.  Yesterday I went to get a pedicure thanks to a wonderful gift from one of my friends.  I walked in and the lady greeted me warmly, "Hello, welcome."  Then came around the counter and just said one word, "Whoa!" I just laughed and said, "Ya it's twins."  She said, "You huge."

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Ashley said...

The Tulips are gorgeous! The waffles normally sound soo good, if I'm not post flu day. But I'm thinking by Tuesday, IHOP is on! If I wasn't sick, then those waffles would look G.O.O.D!

AND: love pedicure gifts. Seriously the best idea ever for baby shower gifts (not saying this is the one you got from Katie, it just reminded me of it). Did you love it? I remember I just wanted cold towels and cold water when I went in for one around 37 weeks. I want a pic of your pretty toes!! ;)