Janie Girl

Here is my Janie Girl when she was 2 days old 

The first night we brought her home from the hospital, we knew she was going to be fun.  

Her little smile is beautiful and she's been smiling since she was a week old

Her hands get a little outta control when she's around her brother

She loves to play and smile after bath

Her lips are going to have the boys calling in a few years

She sleeps like a champ and can sleep any where, any time.

She's a spitter - so if you hold her...beware

She'll let you know when she's unhappy

She looks like I did when I was a baby

And has to wear a bib because of the aforementioned spit up problem

She has the cutest glare

And is very expressive with her hands.
Here are the many hand positions of Jane Shumway:

She's my little girl


jkhoek said...

I love her and her expressive arms. And I just want to squeeze her cheeks right now :)

Julie Allen said...

I love love love her expressions!! Seriously sweetest baby ever!

Janssen said...

What a darling little girl.