Little E

This is Little E

He likes to sleep on Dave's chest

He has an expression that we lovingly call "dinner plates" which he uses to express unsure feelings 

When he smiles, his eyes smile too

This is his favorite position when he's awake - cuddling you looking over your shoulder

He has LONG eyelashes like his dad and a killer upper lip

And arms like the Michelin Man
His neck rolls have exceeded my wildest dreams

He is the happiest in the morning - even if that is 5am

He blows bubbles with those luscious lips

and when he's done playing with his toys he gives them a stank face

He's my round little bean

He's my boy


Kirsten said...

He's completely delicious.

jkhoek said...

I'm in love with him. Every expression made me ooh and ahh. Muah!

Julie Allen said...

I have to say this is the most adorable blog post I have ever seen!!!