Jane and Ethan met their 3 cousins Friday night for the first time.  Isaac, Alex, and Nathan are my brother's boys.  Look how cute they are peeking in on Jane:

And they were so excited to hold Ethan and teach him soccer:
Nathan is used to being the baby, so he wasn't sure about Jane.  He also really wanted her bottle so we had to hide it from him since he isn't on bottles anymore!

Nathan (1 and 3 months)

Isaac was loving holding Jane:

And both boys has to give Lady Jane a kiss goodbye before leaving:

As they were leaving for the night, Alex turned around and said, "Um Jessica...I think I like my cousins."  Success! :)

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Laryssa said...

Beautiful Success! I love watching little ones hold littler ones. Those cousins are sure getting big since the last time I saw them! I can't wait til its my turn to meet your Ethan and Jane!