It was his first Father's Day yesterday, but if you watched him with our babies, you'd never know it.  I love his ability to calm them by kissing their cheeks.  I love that he'll change diapers.  I love that he calls them sweetie and tells them, "now we don't cry in this family" like they are adults and can understand what he's saying. He's an even better father than I had imagined.


Meagan said...

So cute!!! I am glad I got to see David for a few minutes and wish him happy father's day. SO cool that he is a dad!

Crockett Family said...

I love seeing Dave as a Daddy! Great pictures Jess! Totally priceless.

Jessica said...

Happy Father's Day, Dave! You have two beautiful babies and an amazingly wonderful wife. I know you are such a good Daddy to those Little Ones.