You've Been Ferberized

So the babies are almost 4 months old, which means we need to start helping them fall asleep on their own - in their cribs instead of the swing.  I've been reading a lot of books about it and trying to decide which method we want to use.  The thing is - I don't really want to use a method. 

I kinda just want to do what my instincts tell me. 

But on Wednesday, I tried the Ferber method. Basically you go in their room in intervals to comfort them and leave again.

I don't think of myself as a softie, but I just feel like some methods are not going to work for twins, and this is what ended up happening:

Every time one baby woke up from their nap, they woke up the other - which means we start all over again.  This repeated for about 30 minutes (and I was dead tired) so I brought them out to the living room and let them sleep.  They were OUT within 10 minutes.  No crying.  What is the deal?  Ferber would be upset with me. 

It felt nice to see them sleeping peacefully though, so for right now, I just have to go with my instincts.  The good news?  They sleep great through the night in their own beds.  So we'll just count our blessings and maybe after this experience I'll write my own book called:

 The title needs work.


Julie Allen said...

You rock! Seriously! As a mom you have to go with your instincts and what works best for YOU and your KIDS. PS....adorable babies as usual:)

Stacie Aho said...

Love the book idea. If I ever have twins I'd totally read it! You're such an awesome mommy.

Lindsey said...

I'm convinced that most of these "experts" never had children of their own...so when it all comes down to it their "theories" are just that...theories that were never tried out and proven to work. And to be honest, every child and parent are different. So go with your instincts, sanity is much more important than what the books say.

Jessica said...

Good for You!!! I threw out the books long ago when I realized I could rely on my motherly instincts. You just gotta trust yourself! And I have to say, when we met up a few days ago, I was totally impressed by how calm you were and how your demeanor just glowed "I got this." You are way more confident than I was when I had my first... and I only had one baby to worry over!

You are doing a great job. I admire you so much.

Melissa said...

Motherly instincts are your best friend. I just read somewhere that baby boys tend to be lighter sleepers than girls (not sure if that is the deal in your case), but the difference goes away as they get older (like 6+ months). So you might have better luck with them not waking each other up in a couple months. Our two share a room, 3yrs and 1, we stagger their nap/bedtime by about 15 mins and they do great. Very, very rarely does one wake the other, even when one or the other is fussing/crying. There is hope :)
Although, I know twins are more in tune with each other, so they might wake each other more often.
Good luck!