Things Kids Say

These are my nephews and they are excited to meet their new cousin Ethan.  The adorable little thing on the right is Alex (5).  The toothless cutie is Isaac (7) and the cuddler on my lap is Nathan (1.5).  This is a conversation Alex and I had when they came to visit:

Alex: Jessica do you still have babies in your tummy?
Me: (Thinking to myself...oh great I still look pregnant to this innocent kid and he's going to say something about how I look big still) No I don't...I had them already - it's Jane and Ethan.
Alex: Oh I thought so because you look skinny.

Bless you child.

Isaac had a hilarious conversation with Dave when I was pregnant that went like this:

Isaac: Jessica I need to tell Dave something about after you have your babies.
Me: Ok let me get him on the phone.
Dave: Hi Isaac what's up?
Isaac: Dave just so you know, when a woman has a baby, she doesn't lose all her tummy right away.  It takes a while - even if there isn't a baby in there anymore ok?
Dave: Thanks for the heads up dude.
Isaac: You're welcome.

Oh the things kids say.  And for real, after you have a baby (or 2) it does take a while to lose that tummy.  And even if the lady at Target asks "when's yo baby due?" I just need to realize that I was huge and grew 2 human beings inside my body - so ya - it's gonna take a while before I take off my swim shorts at the pool.

Here's to motherhood and slowly getting my figure back by eating no sugar added ice cream instead of the regular kind.  What?  Giving up ice cream all together?  Not an option.

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Janssen said...

Ha! That conversation he had with Dave is so funny.