Updates on Life

I am going to go ahead and blame my lack of blogging on the fact that Dave has mono.  Which is just cruel.  Getting sick with mono when you have two 7 month old babies is just wrong.

Also it miiiight be my fault. I had it when I was 19, so there is a possibility I could have given it to him.  In order to make restitution for that, I have been sleeping in the guest room so he can pop some Advil pm, turn the fan in our room on high, put in ear plugs, and sleep at night.

If you've had mono you know it isn't just like a cold or the flu.  You are tired after you wake up from a 10 hour night of sleep.  You are tired by 5pm and ready for bed.  You are tired all. the. time.  And with twin babies, that becomes interesting.  So Dave's mom is actually coming in to town today - hallelujah.

Here are some things that have been going on around here lately.  Most of these photos were taken in the month of August so the babies are around 6 months old in these photos.

Ethan grew out of his jammies and we had to cut the feet off of several pairs to get some more wear out of them.

He knows!!

Janey's jammies are also looking a little short these days

Cute elephant pjs

 Sunday dinner friends hanging out on the table (we had bbq chicken salad - so good)

 Hanging out upside down - watching football with Dave.

So happy, my camera couldn't even capture his fists of fury.

She wants his toy, look at her determination!

Beautiful Boy with Curls

 Tired girl

 My mom and dad came in to town for a quick visit over conference weekend!

Janey with Grandma Layton

 She loves bath time and playing in the towel after is even more fun.

 All clean and cuddly 


Ashley said...

I am so baby hungry for your babies in these pics it's not even funny. ooooh scrumptious. Please bring one tonight so I can hold and love them ;)

Also - you look gorgeous in these pictures. I love them all!!!!

And so excited Patty (sp?) is here - yea for sleep for hopefully both of y'all!!!

Erin said...

Oh no about Dave! I hope he feels better. I got Mono in college and it was awful! I can't even imagine having it now! I hope you are hanging in there!

kenna said...

lady, you have beautiful babies. i am so happy for you and dave. i feel for your husband. i have mono right now as well and it is killing me. my two year old is basically going to look homeless for a few months. :)

hope all is well. always love your posts.

Julie Allen said...

I love love love all of the day to day pictures that you take. Your babies are beautiful, you are beautiful, and your photography is beautiful. Love you.

Alycia said...

oh. my. goodness. they are so freakin adorable. can't wait to see you guys again. hope dave gets feeling better soon!

Amy and Clark said...

Gosh, I am dying to meet these babies. They are growing up too fast!