Baby Mush...I Mean Food

When Jane and E were 4 months old, the doctor gave us the ok to start feeding them solids. I was all excited thinking that they would love the taste...I mean it HAS to be better than formula, right?

Well they hated it.  Both of them didn't see the point.  So much work for so little reward.  In fact, at first they would just grab the spoon and try to drink it like a bottle - which means they were trying to send me a message = just give us the dang bottle.

At 5 months old the story was the same.  At 6 months old, Ethan started digging the orange stuff, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Jane was still confused at the point of it all and would gag if I even put the spoon in her mouth (which often resulted in 6-8 ounces of formula coming up as a result).

So we all decided to take a break from baby food for a while.  And when they turned 7 months, we (reluctantly) tried it again.  And guess what, they started liking it!  Now they lunge for the spoon, try to grab it for me, and get inpatient if the next bite isn't coming fast enough.  Here are some photos from when they were 6 months.  Note the uncertainty on Jane's face.

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Amy Michelle said...

jessica - i love your pics and your blog! you are awesome and your kids are super lucky to have you and dave as parents - ya'll rock :)