The Jane Dress

When I was pregnant, I went baby clothes shopping with my sister Stephanie.  There was this beautiful light pink knit dress that we died over.  We started calling it The Jane Dress - and this was even before I knew what we were going to name "Baby B" as she was then called.  I still had a few other names in mind, but this dress just seemed like a Jane.

Of course we got the dress and I have been waiting for her to grow in to it so she could wear it to church.  This last Sunday was the day.  She's quite beautiful in it just as I had imagined.


We let the boys join in for one picture. Ethan looked pretty dang cute that day too I might add. Oh and D. Shumway hubs was more handsome than ever.


Edda Phillips said...

LOVE the knit dress! She looks absolutely adorable in it. And you look fabulous as always - a true inspiration to all tired mommies everywhere!

Janssen said...

That is a CUTE dress. On a cute cute baby.

Julia Everts said...

She is too adorable to handle. You are one lucky momma! Your family is so cute. (no, i'm not hitting on your husband).

Bryan&Kendall LeDuc said...

sooo cute!! what a pretty dress. I love it!! and you look gorgeous!!! I miss you!!!!

Amy and Clark said...

Probably the most beautiful family I know.
Love the Jane dress. So very sweet and beautiful.