December in Austin

December was quite the month.  We spent Christmas in Utah (next blog post) but up until that, we had fun decorating the tree with the ornaments a little higher up than usual (baby proofing), teaching the babies how to hold their own bottles (success!) and introducing them to all sorts of new foods (bananas and toast being the favorites).

E wants to cuddle 

Jane's not so sure about it 

For Dave's birthday, I got him a PS3 game he has been wanting to play, his mom sent him a ton of candy, and I poured him a big cup of Dr. Pepper.  So he ate candy, drank soda, and played video games.  Oh and I took him to his favorite pizza buffet for dinner, so he might have been turning 30, but it pretty much was a repeat of his 10th birthday. :) 

Oh that upper lip. :)

Little Sweet Boy

Shy Smile 

Janey in Ethan's crib

I love how much this kid loves books!  When I give one to either Jane or Ethan, they get a huge smile and start flapping their arms.  Their favorite book right now is the one in this picture, "Colors."

"I want to play with those headphones." 

"Can I have those headphones?" 

"I don't like these headphones."

 Ethan watching a video of himself and laughing - so cute when he does this!

This is our good friends' son Jaxon with an iPad and Ethan thinks it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

Little Janey and Crazy Eyes

My sweeties 

"Ethan just look at the camera already, she's not going to stop until you do!" 

This was like the 20th picture, Ethan looks worried 

There we go.
Merry Christmas 2011!


Steve and Katrina said...

So I always love seeing updates on your blog but I never comment. But you should hear all the comments I make to Steve about how cute your kids are and how lucky you are and what amazing pictures you take.

Anyway, Jane and Ethan are so so so adorable and I don't think I have ever seen cuter rolls. My babies have never had that many rolls. It is pretty impressive!

I know you are a professional photographer so of course your pictures are amazing but how do you get such great pictures of your kids?? What lens do you use because your pictures are always so light and clear. I wish I had you to document my babies. You do such a good job and I love how you get pictures of you and Dave playing with the babies. I'm never in pictures because I'm always taking them.

Anyway, just know I'm totally jealous of your cute babies and cute pictures:)

Stacie Aho said...

Could those babies be any cuter?! I think not! Love them.

christina said...

They are SO ridiculously adorable! I can't wait to meet them sometime! And speaking of babyfood, I just read a great baby food book called "start fresh" by Tyler Florence. Such fun baby food ideas!