November Happenings

I know, it's January.  But I can't ignore the cuteness that took place in November.

These girls are so cute with Ethan and Jane.  I am friends with their mom and they sometimes come over after school on Friday afternoons to play with the babies

Amelia and Britton loving on E

Amelia and Jane

Pure Joy

My Guy

Love those upper arm rolls and skinny jeans :)

Recently Jane and Ethan have started playing together a little more.  We've even found them playing peek a boo with each other a few times.

We had such a fun time at my parent's house for Thanksgiving in Oklahoma.  Everyone but Stephanie was there - we missed you Steph!

My sister LeAnne and me

The Thanksgiving table, my mom should basically have her own decorating magazine.  Can you spot Jane?

Jane and my brother Brandon

Ethan loves LeAnne's dog, so logically Isaac and I tried to have him ride the dog like a horse.  Didn't work.

My beautiful family :)


One last stop for lunch at Bangkok Thai before we drove home

Babs and Kev

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