Busy Busy Busy

I just wanted to write a quick post to let ya'll (as we say in Texas) know that I am not ignoring this blog.  We are moving into the new house tonight!  And as a result we have been busy filling boxes with stuff and trying to pick out paint colors.  I had no idea there were 97 million choices for every color.  Our house looks like a patchwork quilt with all the paint samples we've put on the walls.

Also, the school I teach at had our graduation last night, and it was fantastic!  Nothing better than hearing success stories from at-risk kids who are the first to graduate high school (or in 1 girl's case...middle school) in their family. There were tears and hugs, it was awesome.

So I will return with pictures and more details soon.  But just as a side note, we really love our house.  When we first unlocked the door and walked in, we loved it even more than we remembered!  Good feeling.  Especially since we house shopped for over 4 months.  Ya.  Don't do that.


Kirsten said...

So happy for you guys!!!! Can't wait to see pictures. And visit. Especially visit.

martin said...

ha ha. so how you like it guys?