Fun Times with Friends

Before I post the photos (and videos) from Disney (I am still in the middle of collecting them all from different family member's cameras) I thought I would share another fun adventure we had.  Our friends came in town from Denver (they stopped by on their way to a CRUISE!) and we had to show them around.

It started out with the usual local eateries (Chuys and Rudys) followed by a trip to the famous Dr. Pepper Museum.
The next day, we headed out to San Antonio to explore the river walk
See the ring on Jeremy's hand?  It's a fake one that they bought at a store to the right of this photo.  They didn't want to take their real rings on the cruise and run the risk of losing them. Jeremy bought Jessica one too and how did he give it to her?  He pretended to propose to her, right there on the river walk.  We got the whole thing on film.  People were watching and clapping. She said yes, it was a very happy moment.

 Then we walked around downtown San Antonio.  We even got in trouble by the police for climbing on some ancient water fountain that cost over 3 million dollars.  Oops.

While we were out and about, we dabbled in some trick photography...some photos turned out looking pretty cool!

Some didn't work so well

The next stop was Six Flags!  This place isn't up to the caliber of Disney, but I will say it has some real thrills.  The superman ride was our favorite.
Luckily we weren't one of the 30 people stuck on a roller coaster for 45 minutes...in a vertical position!

 Thanks for coming out to see us guys!  Glad you had fun on the cruise, "You look 5 year younga."

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