Real Adults

Well people, today is the day (at 2pm) that Dave and I become real adults.  There's nothing we can say or do to prove otherwise because we will have a mortgage. 

Owning a house = being a grown up. 

Honestly it was a little bit of a long road getting here.  Many of you know that Dave and I started out in Provo, Utah, then made these moves:

#1 Lafayette, Indiana for grad school at Purdue (apartment #1)
#2 San Francisco for internship (loved it here, so cool)
#3 Return to Lafayette, Indiana (apartment #2)
#4 Denver, Colorado for grad school (this is when Dave got to pursue his real dream click here)
#5 Austin, Texas (current apartment)
and now...

Yes, that is 6 moves in 5 years of marriage

Maybe last night we already started talking about the house like it was a person.  Such as, "She is going to love us living there."  We're weird.

Wish us luck with signing our life away.  We heard the hand cramps can be vicious.

**In the mood to see some incredible before and after pics?  Check out this website:

Credit (and blame) goes to Briton for introducing me to this blog.


Amy and Clark said...

Congrats on being grown-ups! Such a proud moment!

Steoger Fam said...

We're moving into our first house this morning. Isn't it great! Here's to us grown-ups! Congrats!