5 Months and 1 Week (but who's counting)

Also this is what happens when a pregnant girl can't open her Eggo's in the morning...
Ultimate Destruction

The words of my mother when I texted her this picture..."Wow I guess the hunger really took over didn't it?"

Yes mom.  It did.

Pregnancy is weird. But things are going great!  I am keeping really busy with work and photography.  Every weekend is booked from now until Christmas break with family photo shoots.  This type of fully booked schedule results in me sitting on the couch at night with a heating pad on my back and falling asleep early.  I love it.

Dave is working on his thesis full time (on top of working full time and caring for me at least part time...maybe 3 quarter time actually).  He is developing a course on audio design for video games.  Pretty cool topic if you ask me.  He has to have it done by Thanksgiving, so all house projects are on hold until after that.

I had the flu this weekend and thought I was going to die.  It's one thing if you don't have anything in your system for just you, but when I had no nutrients for me AND 2 other people, things got ugly.  I almost had to go to the hospital and get an IV of who knows what, but Dave patiently encouraged me to eat even though I thought I would die if I ate 1 cracker.  We all made it through and I was actually only sick for about 36 hours. 

p.s. I stick by my conspiracy theory that the flu shot GAVE me the flu.  I haven't had it since I was 8.  This is my first time ever getting the flu shot.  Explain that doctors, explain that.  But on the brighter side of things, maybe the flu shot helped me get over it faster.  At least it didn't last a week!


Kendall Watkins said...

You look so cute! I love the picture of the food container.

Heather Thrasher said...

Love the Grandma Sycamore's spying at me from the back!
We wanted you to take our family Christmas pic, too. Oh, well. We'll have to plan that better next year.
You look great!

t & e said...

you are seriously adorable! i love your little belly. you don't look like you are carrying twins at all girl! i'm sorry you had the flu but glad it didn't last long!

The Glassetts said...

You may not feel great at times but you LOOK GREAT!!!!

Emma said...

Jessica, you make me laugh out loud! I am going to call you this weekend because I miss you too much.

Kimberly said...

Nothing prettier than a pregnant woman with twins! Fun to see your blog and hear from you. You're too cute!

brit said...

This post made me think of Nacho Libre:

They give me no eagle powers! They give me no nutrients.

I hope you get some more nutrients for those babes and yourself :)

Also, that is how I open waffles even when not pregnant. They make those bags so hard to open!

Second also, I never get flu shots either and I never get the flu. Luke gets them at work every year and he gets the flu at least twice every year. He got swine flu a week after his swine flu shot...Basically, I totally agree with your flu shot hypothesis.

Amy said...

Sorry you were so sick! And I think the doctors lie cause they don't want to scare people away from getting the shot. I'm not sure what they give you but if it is a live strain then you surely can get the flu from it!
Oh, and way to show those waffle who's boss!