Our Halloween (with a little bit of house remodeling mixed in)

This year, Dave and I actually had a dress up theme for our friend's Halloween party.  I was an oven (with 2 buns in it) and Dave was the chef.  It was pretty cute because Dave drew me an oven on a box complete with knobs, buttons, and a cut out where you could see what was cooking (we printed off pictures from the internet of buns). He wore my grandma's apron and I made him a chef's hat using a white piece of paper and a white plastic grocery sack.  Good times. :)

We also decided to start the neighborhood "Halloween Phantom" since this is our first time in a real neighborhood for Halloween:

Here are our little baskets we made!  Also a sneak peak at the remodeled kitchen which is 98% complete so there will be photos soon...I promise...for real.

Right behind Dave you can see the bare concrete floor.  Since then, he has finished putting in all the hardwood and it looks amazing!

Taking a basket to our neighbors (I can't run so fast these days, so Dave did the sneaky part)

A look at the Halloween Phantom in action

It was fun to start in the neighborhood and we hope to do it in years to come.  The week of Halloween we also carved pumpkins at a friend's house.  We decided to be ambitious and carve a haunted house.  I think it turned out pretty cool!

I love Dave's look of dedication. :)

 In progress...

Here is the line up of every one's pumpkins.  Pretty talented carvers in our group of friends.
 I hope everyone had a good Halloween!


Shums said...

I'm just jealous of Dave's In Rainbows shirt. :)

Gigi said...

I love the idea of being the ones to start the Halloween Phantom. I may have to do that next year!

Kirsten said...

I just saw pictures the other day of a couple friends who had a caramel apple party. I thought that seemed like a cute tradition to start when Joe and I grow up.

Love your costumes, love you. Can't wait to see pictures of the house!!

Cory and Lindsey said...

The question I have is did the neighbors pass on the Halloween Phantom? What a fun tradition if you can get people to participate! :) Looking forward to seeing more house pictures! :)