Published! And Weekend Updates

My friend Briton started up a new blog called Briton Loves It and you should probably head over and check it out since the most recent post is by someone you might recognize...

Click HERE for the post!!

Also she's doing a Hobby Lobby gift card giveaway (who doesn't love free things?) so check it out!

This weekend was so much fun!  Friday night we went out to eat to celebrate Dave finishing his thesis from his masters program in Colorado.  It's nice to finally finally be done with school.  But that also means guess what's going to start coming in the mail?  Those student loan repayment bills.  Ew.  I hate those.

Saturday was amazing.  We spent the afternoon in Austin volunteering at the Celebration of Love event which is where you collect toys for families in need around the Austin area and military families.  They had all the toys separated by gender and age in this HUGE warehouse and we packaged them up for families.  It was something my school volunteered to do and the only students that showed up were a handful of my students, holla to my class since they are the best!! :)  I'm just a little proud of them.

After the event I headed over to Old Settlers Park to for a photo shoot which turned out great!  The Rencher family was adorable and their little boy Gavin smiled the entire time.  Angel child.  Photographer's dream.

Friday night, Dave surprised me with tickets to go see my favorite favorite (no for real like my favorite) band, The Weepies.  The concert was downtown Austin on 6th street and it was so much fun.  It was at a little place called Momos that only holds probably 200 people so we were super close.  I could not believe it when they walked right by me to get to the stage.  I could practically smell them. They sounded so great! Check out a few of the photos and a video clip below:

Just listen to their sweet sweet music:

p.s. I realize this recording is quite awful.  We are asking for a video camera for Christmas this year. :)  Check out the real song here cause it is quite wonderful:


Ashley said...

Had a dream last night we were on a cruise & I saw that it was 6:30 and too late to take you to the airport. I FREAKED. Hahah - so stressful and SO glad I don't take you until tomorrow. I will be on time ;) It's like my dream was a mini-warning ;).

AND - Oohhkayy - just read your photography tips and I'm thinking the following: 1-You're amazingly creative with a camera. 2-We need a nicer camera. 3-we need to go to Mexico (is that where you were? Where the iphone was stolen??? LAME!) AND 4-we need to drag you around with us for EVERY picture-esque moment. That or Logan needs to get some personal photography tutorage b/c he's way into this kind of thing.

You leave tomorrow - VACATION TIME.
And serious congrats to Dave for his thesis being done. And for reasons to celebrate ;)

Can't wait to see our pics - you're the best for doing them.

Am I still typing?????

The Zangs said...

I absolutely loved the link to the post about tips on taking vacation pics! I will try these tips not only on vacation but in every day photos- as I love photography but am clueless about the rules or tips sometimes. Thanks! Great job and great pics!