The Bebes {Update at 8 Months}

I am officially 8 months pregnant.  Holla!

We went to the doc yesterday for my 8 month checkup.  They remeasured the babies and found that they are still growing at a nice and healthy rate.  In fact the doc said they are overachievers...just saying they get that from Dave. Baby boy is weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces and baby girl is 4 pounds 13 ounces.  That means I have over 9 pounds of baby in here already and at least 3 more weeks to go!

Profile of baby boy Shumway at 32 weeks.  Baby girl was facing my back so they couldn't get a picture. We went to the specialist yesterday and they actually don't do as good of a good providing me with photos.  This was the only one we got, but it is cute!

Dave has been rocking it up with the camera lately.  Here are a few extra photos he took this morning:

So I have 3-6 more weeks to go - meaning if I went in to labor in 3 weeks, everything would hopefully be ok.  But it would be better if I could wait until 38 weeks (6 more weeks).  I will do whatever I can, but I have a feeling it is out of my hands a little bit.  And judging by the size of my ankles...not sure how much longer I will last!


Kirsten said...

Are you still working?

If you don't have a good excuse to sit around the house watching TV shows on DVD, I don't know who does!

I can wait exactly 6 weeks to see how cute these bebes are!

Janssen said...

You seriously look amazing. You'd look amazing if there was only ONE baby in there, but the fact that you are having TWINS and look like this blows me away.

Kimberlee said...

im pretty sure you are not allowed to look that good at 8 months pregnant, let alone 8 months pregnant with twins!! my goodness, you make the rest of us look bad! you seriously look amazing!

Lindsey said...

I must agree with the above comments...and these ladies aren't even saying that to make you feel better! You seriously look awesome! I can't believe you've got two bebes in there! Hang in there...we're so excited for you guys!

Deena ♥ Curtis said...

You look amazing girl!!! I am so excited for you!!! That would be awesome if when the babies decide it's time that they are well enough to come home with you and not have to stay.... It's looking promising!!! Can't wait to see these little ones! Thanks for posting updates.. Love it!

Naomi Lanz said...

Jessica...you look AMAZING! Congratulations again and good luck with everything!!

Sarah Culp said...

A) You look AWESOME and beautiful! Seriously, you look great.

B) I just spent the whole summer being swollen and pregnant. I feel you on the kankles. My whole leg looked like an ugg boot, but it was just me. You could press my leg in a whole inch. It was gross . . . and painful. And that was just with ONE baby!

C) I had Jacob 3 weeks early - which ended up being a huge blessing since I couldn't manage one more minute being so swollen and pregnant.

Good luck with everything!!

Julie Allen said...

Two things....one: As everyone else already pointed out, you look absolutely beautiful! Totally glowing:) And two: Dave took some awesome shots! He is getting good. So proud:)

Millicent said...

You look fantastic, Jessica! So happy for you and Dave.

MelMo said...

I don't even have to say it because everyone else did, but you look amazing for being 8 months pregnant. I can't neglect Dave either though, because those are some amazing shots! Great lighting!

love you guys,

Bruce and Liss said...

Love the pics!
SOOOO excited for you Jess!

Erin said...

Jessica you look great!!! I can't believe there are over 9 pounds of babies in you! SO CRAZY. How funny that we have the same shirt!!

Ashley said...

Ooohhkay, freaking gorgeous. It kind of makes me want to vomit just a little that you look better than me and you're 8 months prego with twinners. I mean REALLY??????????????

I need a brownie.

And where is this diaper deal??????

Say Hi to Success for me ;)