Just Sayin...Kind of a Big Deal

Did I ever tell you about the time my little sisters decided I should marry Dave?  It was when he came to Oklahoma to visit for a week during the summer when we were dating.  At one point, they heard him playing the piano and singing.  To hear what he sang click here:

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Ya that's good stuff.  So we got married (obviously I couldn't let anyone else have THAT).

And just to put the cherry on top of the whole story, he now also wins Employee of a Lifetime awards (or was it employee of the spring? Anyway it was a big deal).

Ya he got a little trophy and basically all the students at his school love him and want him to be their mentor/teacher forever/dad.  Gets a little weird sometimes.  So proud of him.

Also, he is officially forever done with school.  I know you're saying, "This is an outrage, I thought he already was done."  Technically he still had his thesis to finish for his masters degree in Colorado.  Turns out he ended up completing it sort of last minute (he works well under pressure). How fun does this sound though...his thesis is the complete framework and lesson plans for a college course on audio for video games.  He is living his dream for sure.

Here it is completed and beautiful in all its scholastic glory.

Just proud of him and now I want to shout to the world "WE ARE DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER."  Except then Sallie Mae would hear me and knock on my door with a bill that I am not ready to face quite yet.  Listen Sally, we have twins coming.  How do you feel about breaking up?  We can still be friends (I'm lying, we totally can't and I really hate you a lot).

Have a fun weekend everyone!


Janssen said...

You got a winner!

And don't you loathe student loans? I especially enjoyed when Chase decided they'd given us an extra $7K we'd never received and then sold that pretend loan to the Dept of Education. That only took three months of ridiculous and frustrating phone calls to clear up. Ah yes. . . those were the good old days.

Julie Rowse said...

Funny, I have the exact same feelings for Sallie. She's going to knocking real loud in 5 years. I hope pregnancy is going well!!

Amy and Clark said...

Hooray, hooray for being done with school! You're husband is pretty darn awesome. I hope you have a special place to display that trophy in your cute house!