Elephantitis and a Work Party!

Ok here is the thing, I was going to put a picture on here about how my ankles (ahem kankles) are so huge...but then I was thinking, who wants to see THAT?  Then I thought, I will want to see it in 3 years.  So for your enjoyment ladies and gentleman...Elephantitis-Twin-Kankles:

Now mind you, they aren't like this all the time.  But it for real freaks me out.  P.s. do you like our new quilt?  I got it on 70% off sale at Anthropologie.  My kankles almost aren't good enough to be resting on it.

So on to more pretty things, look at this adorable, wonderful, fun party that my coworker threw for me today!

And look who got to stop by for the party!  The father of my children.  Love him a lot.
I have felt so blessed lately by all the wonderful people who have given me things for the babies.  Some people have bought presents and some have passed their loved items down to me.  I just can't say how grateful I am for the love and support I have felt from family and friends.  We could not do this without you (and remember I said this when I call to ask you to babysit).


Kendall Watkins said...

I am glad you are getting some really good stuff. I can't imagine buying stuff for two babies. I feel for you with the swollen feet. Only my snow boots fit right now. You look so good though especially for having twins! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Ummm you are TOO hilarious! Too bad I always have cankles...no lies here, only truth. When I get pregnant my legs will probably bust open. (I will then add that to my list of super gross things I have seen!) Your shower looks so nice and WOWza for a double stroller! How nice!! Kisses!!! Chele

Edda Phillips said...

Maybe you're looking at this all wrong - it's not your ankles that look huge, but your toes that look so slender!! ;)

Kirsten said...

Joe says you should get support pantyhose or diabetic compression socks. He thinks they'll make you happy.


Anonymous said...

Not only did I have cankles, I took off my flip-flops when I went to the movies one time late in my pregnancy and I couldn't put them back on. I literally had to walk out of the theater carrying my flip-flops (sad and gross--in an unsanitary kind of way). Shayne